• Lolo School District consists of two schools - a K-4 Elementary and 5-8 Middle School
  • Geographically, Lolo SD's boundaries run as far south as Maclay Ranch Road, east to the river, north past the straightaway into Lolo approximately to the big, and west to approximately Roper's Gas station; almost all within a 3 mile radius of the school district.
  • Enrollment Approximately 540
  • Employees: Approximately 100
  • Lolo School consists of six main buildings throughout, which are found the wide range of Lolo SD services:
    • Building 1 - maintenance building used for facility maintenance, kitchen storage, school supplies and equipment storage and utility vehicle storage
    • Building 2 - contains the K-4 Elementary office, school cafeteria/food service, elementary gymnasium, library, grades K-2 and the Title I program
    • Building 3 - contains two kindergarten classrooms
    • Building 4 - (three story building spanning lower through upper level) contains grades 2-4, art, music and the middle school gymnasium
    • Building 5 - contains the district office and grades 7-8
    • Building 6 - contains the Middle School office and grades 5-6