Lolo School District remains committed to serving students and families. The pandemic created great challenges for the school, but we continued to serve students with a full slate of opportunities in the safest manner possible. Lolo is proud to have offered a full schedule for the entire 2020-2021 school year, without closure or major disruption to learning.

On August 12, 2021, after hearing many statements from the public, the Board of Trustees voted to make masks required when the seven-day average of new cases in Missoula County is 25 or greater per 100,000. Rationale below:

During the August 12 meeting, the Board heard commentary from parents, staff, and the general public on all aspects of the face-covering issue. Setting aside all the competing interests, arguments, authorities, information, and misinformation, the conversation ultimately turned to a clear priority of most folks: Kids should be at school, in person, as much as possible, and with operations as normal as possible. How can the school accomplish this? By leveraging an existing rule that

The County Health Department has the statutory obligation to issue quarantine orders based on direction from the Board of Public Health. The County Health Department is exempting from quarantine, kids who would otherwise be considered close contacts in schools that use universal masking. In other words, when a positive case arises in a classroom, only the positive case has to isolate. Due to universal masking, the other students are exempt from quarantine so long as they remain asymptomatic. This drastically minimizes the number of missed school days for kids and missed work days for parents. The same scenario but with optional masking results in all children in the class being quarantined for 10-14 days. That would be 10-14 days out of the classroom and 10-14 days that parents may have to miss work. As a means to keep kids in seats and most other operations normal, the School Board voted to implement universal masking when the County reached the threshold described above.