Safety of our students is Lolo School’s top priority. Lolo School District regularly updates, reviews and practices its emergency procedures. The emergency procedures most often practiced and required by state law are fire drills, earthquake drills and lockdown drills. All Lolo employees are trained in First Aid/CPR. Lolo School District is fortunate to also have a school nurse available on campus.

Evacuation/reunification- It is critical for parents to continually update their contact information with the school. Please update your information with the school ANY time there is a change in the emergency contact and/or medical concern areas for your student. Without up to date information, we can’t respond as effectively as we would want to in the event of an emergency.

Emergency Notification: In the event an emergency occurs or a school delay or closure is needed, Lolo School District communicates with the local media (TV, radio, newspaper) to provide information. Lolo School District also has an emergency message distribution system through both Infinite Campus and our Website/App that can provide a phone call, email, and in some cases a text message to notify you of emergency situations or closure/delay. Assuming the media and emergency contact system is available and working, Lolo School District will utilize either or both to notify you and the public. We will also post information to social media outlets as appropriate.

During an emergency, please understand that our first priority is the immediate safety of students and staff. Communication with parents and our community comes soon thereafter.