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12/13/19- Lolo School District is soliciting through this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) the services of a qualified Architectural/Engineering firm to assist in the areas of meeting facilitation, user input, preliminary space planning, educational specifications, design standards and guidelines, preliminary cost estimating, cost benefit analysis, and assistance with the development of a capital bond programming for the construction of new Lolo School K-8 facilities.

Contact Lolo School Superintendent Dale Olinger for more information. 406-273-0451

Request for Proposal

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Thank you for your interest in the Lolo School District property. Lolo School has been situated on the current ground since 1884. Lolo, being the gateway to the Bitterroot Valley and the Highway 12 W corridor, has been growing ever since. Lolo School seeks to build a new K-8 school facility elsewhere in Lolo on land already owned by the District. The Board of Trustees is seeking offers from prospective buyers to purchase and redevelop the existing school site. The Board hopes to see offers for development that align with the growing direction of Lolo and that meet the financial needs of the district.

Located on about 660 feet of Highway 93 frontage, the 30 acre Lolo School site offers a number of attractive amenities. The property boasts three established ingress/egress points, one of which has a traffic signal. There is ample data connectivity with a fiber optic ‘trunk’ line on the property. The site has commercial water and sewer connections. The multi-parcel acreage is a mix of flat ground and gently sloping hillside, portions of which have been developed by the school and feature six buildings of varying ages and uses.

As Missoula continues to grow, the Lolo community grows as well. Only a few minutes from the heart of Missoula, and with real estate prices notably more affordable, Lolo offers a terrific value to developers and residents alike. The County has approved a proposed residential development on land adjacent to the school property, which demonstrates interest and expected profitability for developing in the Lolo Community. Please consider Lolo's Request for Proposal.

Please contact Dale Olinger, Lolo School Superintendent, 406-273-0451 with additional questions or to arrange a site tour.

Click here for the Request for Proposal document.

Why a new school? 

A new school will solve our accessibility and safety concerns. A new school would provide a building with one main entrance for our students, and streamline maintenance costs. A new school would be located in a central neighborhood location, away from the dangers of HWY 93.

Selling the property on 93 could help us achieve the school’s goals of providing a school for future generations of Lolo kids at a price tag Lolo can afford.

We hope to find a buyer compatible with the community. Once the board has received all the offers, they will be scored based on the final price and community benefit. The best offer will ultimately go to the community for a vote. If approved, we hope to stay in the current school, just while the new school is being built. Everything is the process will go out to public bid, including this first step. Please spread the word- Lolo is a great town to live and raise a family. This is an incredible opportunity to invest in a great small Montana town.