Thanks to a generous anonymous grant, Lolo School District is fortunate to have a school nurse (Jill Blomgren and DawnPat Metzker) available during the school year for the many needs presented by its 600+ students and, occasionally, adults. The nurse’s office is located in the upper Elementary Building, just down the hall from the elementary office toward the food service area (please stop at elementary office first). Nurses Jill and DawnPat are kept busy with everything from daily medication assistance to injury assistance to helping establish health plans for students with potentially more serious medical conditions and much, much more. They also provides regular in-services to staff, makes sure our medical procedures are up to date and keeps our first aid kits and backpacks up to date. Our school nurses are busy people!

To contact Nurse Jill or Nurse DawnPat, call any of the school offices and they will transfer you.
Elementary office: 273-6686
Middle School office: 273-6141
Administration Office: 273-0451

Important Medical Forms

The following are important forms you need to keep updated and on-file with the Lolo School office/nurse: (form attached-STUDENT EMERGENCY AND MEDICAL INFORMATION).

Emergency contact information

Medical information about student

Other Important Information

Concussion information

Allergy Information

Anaphylactic Shock information