Thank you Lolo School voters

From the Missoula County Election Headquarters...

End of night count for Lolo School Levy:
896 yes, 746 no.
Congratulations, Lolo Schools! Great big thanks to the Lolo School Board of Trustees for their vision in seeing the needs and for keeping the flame alive. Couldn’t have done it without the unified efforts of the Yes for Lolo Kids group, the Lolo Education Association, the Lolo Classified Association, and our faithful families who believe Lolo School! Thank you all and to our community!

Congratulations are certainly in order for two new trustees who will be seated and begin their terms in the coming weeks: Bridgett Beal and Brent O’Connor. 

Thanks to Nate Kalkofen for his service to the Board and his ongoing commitment to Lolo School District. Likewise, thanks to Bruce Hart for his months serving our community as a Trustee.

(Results not official until canvass, but this info is from a trustworthy source)