Lolo 8th grade math students attended U of M Math Day and participated in a panel discussion on careers. Students with Provost Jon Harbor (Glaciers), Professor Nate McCrady (Astrophysics), Professor Phil Higuera (Fire Science) and Dean of Mathematics Jenny McNulty.
about 3 years ago, Lolo School District
Lolo Students with UM Faculty at Math Day
Deputy Terrill reading with a Lolo student. The School Resource Officer program is much more than enforcing laws and watching out for threats to our campus. SROs help students, families, and schools in many ways. So glad to have this available at Lolo School.
about 3 years ago, Dale Olinger
Deputy Terrill reading with a student.
Title I parent night at Lolo School. Jessica Lucas and Megan Huleatt explain the Title I program, listen to patent input, and discuss how parents can model the love of reading for their children.
about 3 years ago, Lolo School District
Parents listen to Mrs. Lucas and Mrs. Huleatt.
6th grade ‘Students of the Month.’ Students are recognized for their demonstration of the essential concept for the month of September- “Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Ready to Learn.” Conner Nash, Joe Grunow, Elizabeth Wilson
about 3 years ago, Lolo School District
6th Grade‘Students of the Month.’ Conner Nash, Joe Grunow, Elizabeth Wilson
On the soccer field, it is Lolo Blue vs. Lolo White. Lolo vs. Bonner on the volleyball court. A great fall day for extracurricular activities at Lolo School!
about 3 years ago, Dale Olinger
Lolo 7th grade volleyball team.
Lolo soccer teams
7th and 8th Grade ’Voices’ group meets at lunch to discuss school climate.
about 3 years ago, Lolo School District
7th and 8th graders discuss school climate.
Today is picture day at Lolo School. Individual, class, and fall sports. Bring your smile!
about 3 years ago, Dale Olinger
During the monthly MBI assembly at Lolo Elementary, some of the blue ticket earners are drawn randomly for a prize. Ms. Kientz drew the names and Mrs. Mylnechuk congratulated the students. Lolo students are Respectful, Responsible, Ready to learn!
about 3 years ago, Lolo School District
Some of the special drawing winners from the September MBI assembly.
Dr. Aaron Thomas and Shelby Cole from U of M present their native histories and demonstrate a STEM activity for 7th and 8th graders as part of celebrating American Indian Heritage. Students in Ms. Lodge's homeroom play Lahal, a traditional Native American game.
about 3 years ago, Lolo School District
Students play lahal, a traditional game.
Thomas and Cole speaking to 8th graders.
Lolo Lions Club- with help from other Lions, volunteers and nurse DawnPat-screened Lolo’s K-5 students’ vision. This free service is part of the Lions Club global vision to be a leader in humanitarian service. Each screening takes only a few seconds and simply indicates if a family may want to follow up with their child’s doctor regarding their vision. Thanks, Lions Club!
about 3 years ago, Dale Olinger
Lions and volunteers use a special machine to screen each child’s vision.
Great turnout tonight for the 3rd grade ‘book tasting!’ Delightful family literacy night crafted by Lolo’s outstanding teachers. Thanks to the families who joined in and congratulations to drawing winner Macy Watson.
about 3 years ago, Lolo School District
Drawing winner Macy Watson with teachers Alick, Sax, Yuhas, and Eggleston.
Working through the books!
Menu and samples at the Reading Cafe.
Lolo and Frenchtown captains prepare to face off in a soccer double header.
about 3 years ago, Dale Olinger
 Captains listen as referee Sax explains the rules.
Car Show Fundraiser at Lolo School- Saturday 9/14 from 9am-1pm. Help support the 8th graders raising money to visit Washington, D.C. and historic Philadelphia this coming spring.
about 3 years ago, Dale Olinger
Car Show Graphic
Kendra Richardson from Missoula Organization of Realtors visited Lolo’s principals and counselors today to give a donation of $400. These funds provide shoes, clothing, or many other resources to students in need. MOR 4 Kids has been donating to Lolo School for more than 12 years. We are so appreciative of their support! Thank you MOR.
about 3 years ago, Lolo School District
Photo of Lolo Staff and MOR representative
A student in Mr. Long's class uses five different functions, with eleven lines of JavaScript code to create a piece of pizza on a plate. May seem simple to the end user, but Lolo's kids are learning what it takes to create simple digital objects from scratch.
about 3 years ago, Lolo School District
A student using Java Script to code.
Lolo is delighted to welcome Dep. Tyler Terrill to our school team. Thanks to Sheriff McDermott and the Missoula County Commissioners for believing in the value of the School Resource Officer program. Lolo shares Deputy Terrill with Target Range and Woodman Schools.
over 3 years ago, Lolo School District
Deputy Terrill, School Resource Officer at Lolo School
Big thanks to the Montana Department of Transportation. They have been working diligently to fix the speed zone signs in front of Lolo school. MDT always responds quickly when it comes to student safety. Thank you, MDT!
over 3 years ago, Dale Olinger
Montana Department of Transportation crew working on school zone signs.
Eighth grades read poetry they've written during class. This is part of a joint project with Mr. Christensen's language arts and Mr. Johnson's social studies classes.
over 3 years ago, Dale Olinger
Peyton Schmauch reading her poem
Joel Vermillion reading his poem
Brooklyn Ludemann reading her poem
Welcome back students!
over 3 years ago, Dale Olinger
Photo of siblings headed to the first day of school.
Lolo School welcomes new team members to our learning community this morning. Welcome aboard teachers, paraprofessionals, coordinators, and new CSCT staff.
over 3 years ago, Dale Olinger
Photo of new crew members at Lolo School