Lolo School’s Angel Trees (yes there are two!) were set up today. They are located at Harvest Foods by the front door and in Lolo Peak Brewery by the check-in station. Thank you to these local establishments for supporting our families! The trees are full of tags listing students’ holiday needs this year. If you would like to take a tag, please fulfill the gift and return it unwrapped to the Lolo School offices by December 18. If your family would like to sign up for holiday assistance, contact school counselors Libby Mylnechuk or Kristi McKay. Happy holidays Lolo!
over 1 year ago, Libby Mylnechuk
Angel Tree inside Harvest Foods.
Lolo School appreciates everyone who has worn a uniform to defend our nation. Thank you to all who have served or are serving now.
over 1 year ago, Lolo School District
Veterans Day 2020
This is a friendly reminder that when you borrow a cloth mask from school please send it back the next day or wear it back and we can exchange it with a freshly laundered one! Thank you
almost 2 years ago, Ms. Kientz
Note saying the friendly reminder
8th Grade Students researched Cancel Culture from multiple perspectives to develop a personal point-of-view and engage in civil discourse.
almost 2 years ago, Writerdude
Conversation about Cancel Culture
Sixth grade music class
almost 2 years ago, Jessica Lucas
Music comes to sixth grade
Our Third Grade Teachers, Students, and Families had a Fun Math Night Virtually Completing Games and Activities Together. Thank You to All Participants!
almost 2 years ago, Ms. Kientz
Mr. Sax
Mrs. Meinhold
Ms. Eggleston
Mrs. Yuhas
One of the Rube Goldberg machines built in 8th grade science.
almost 2 years ago, Melissa Johnson
Colton Rube Goldberg machines.
Eighth grade students made chocolate lava cakes in TACL class.
almost 2 years ago, Melissa Johnson
Chocolate lava cake with formal plating.
Plate of chocolate lava cakes.
Unofficial results. Bond and property sale pass!
almost 2 years ago, Dale Olinger
Please vote, Lolo! Ballots due by 8pm on Tuesday, 9/22. Ballot drop locations: Lolo School lower loop, Missoula Elections Center, Missoula County Fairgrounds building 35.
almost 2 years ago, Lolo School District
Please vote
Honoring the sacrifices of the brave and the innocent on this Patriot Day and National Day of Remembrance.
almost 2 years ago, Lolo School District
Image with US Flag and uniformed people.
Free meals for all kids through 12/31/20! The USDA has approved Lolo as a free meal site for the remainder of 2020. This means there will be no charge to any student eating school breakfast or lunch starting today, 9/8. Bon appetit!
almost 2 years ago, Lolo School District
Keep Calm and Eat Free Food
Parents- If you're cleaning closets or hitting Labor Day sales this weekend, the elementary school could use some additional clothing supplies for kids who need to change clothes during the day. Specifically: Full-length pants, stretchy or sweats, sizes 5, 6, 7, & 8. Shirts for kids in sizes 5-6 and 7-8. Pants and shirts may be new or used (without holes, please), for girls, boys, or gender neutral. We have plenty of socks, underwear, shoes, and school supplies at this time.
almost 2 years ago, Lolo School District
Pants and Shirts
Great first day at Lolo School!
almost 2 years ago, Dale Olinger
Outdoor class
Mask break in the sun
Disinfecting equipment between uses
Outdoor activities
Had a great day of virtual PD with Adam Welcome. Thanks to Frenchtown Schools for being the virtual host and allowing us to be part of the action.
almost 2 years ago, Dale Olinger
Adam Welcome
From Lolo School- We want to meet your family's needs. Reminder to respond to the SECOND parent survey ASAP. Tell us your plan for your student(s) this fall. More info at:
about 2 years ago, Lolo School District
Parents, please check your email. Important information from Lolo School regarding options for families was recently sent by the superintendent. If you did not receive the email, you can review the message here:
about 2 years ago, Lolo School District
You Have Mail
Reminder from Lolo School. Please complete our parent survey if you have not already done so. One response per household.
about 2 years ago, Lolo School District
Kindergarten Readiness program is off and running! Thank you to all the families, students, and staff to make this program such a success.
about 2 years ago, Ms. Kientz
Students in PE
Students in Classroom
Students in Classroom
Students in Classroom
Our first week of Title I Summer Program was a success! Fabulous job students and Mrs. Williams...we are so happy to have kids back on campus.
about 2 years ago, Ms. Kientz
Teacher taking temps
Students Learning
Students Learning
Student Learning